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NYFW Dreams

Bon Voyage

When I worked as a fashion designer in NYC, I never got to attend any of the fashion shows.  That statement may seem odd to some people and it feels awfully strange to write that.  But the reality of the fashion industry is deadlines, deadlines and more deadlines.  When I worked at Ralph Lauren, the possibility of even going to the fashion show to help dress a model was between slim and none.  Dressing models doesn’t sound glamorous but it’s better than sitting at my desk browsing through the runway photos on  Now I’m back in my native Los Angeles, eagerly waiting to see the Spring 2016 season by my favorite designers at New York Fashion Week (known as NYFW for those in the industry).  And once again, I’ll be viewing the shows from my laptop.  Woe is me.

That is until my friend introduced me to TRINE, an experience boutique agency.  They curate memorable experiences around the world in the areas of art, fashion, sports and entertainment for special events and all one has to do is just show up for their luxury package.  Sounds like a lustworthy experience to me!  Once I was introduced to Abigail, TRINE’s Director of Marketing, I knew I could totally trust her for all fashion insider needs.  Abigail and her team of experts would ensure the best possible schedule in NYC.  From backstage access complete with designer meet & greets, to private shopping experiences at top designers showrooms and private homes.  TRINE’s NYFW itinerary for their clients is more than lustworthy, its on my bucket list now!

After Abigail and I discussed the access TRINE would be providing for their clients, I knew I had to capture this NYC experience in an illustration complete with NYC landmarks and icons.  I’ve handpicked illustworthy goodies from the various designers they are working with and captured it all on the runway. My favorite part of this illustration was being inspired by Lie Sang Bong’s butterfly runway background. With his Spring 15 collection, he wanted to “share the positivity that is brought on by the beginning of spring and the promise of a new day.”  I was definitely feeling the energy and the promise of a new day in NYC as I painted circles with colors inspired by his background.  I can’t wait to see his Spring 2016 collection along with what he has in store for the walls of his runway.  In the illustration, Abigail is NYFW’s social butterfly and Tommy Ton, the iconic street style photographer is ready to take a picture of her!

Misha Nonoo:  This Little Black Monique Ribbon Dress is perfect for any island.  Manhattan or Hawaiian.  It’s Island Time in the City!
Gigi Burris:  I’m in love with this Grand Peony Comb and reminds me of how I used to love flowers in my hair when I lived in Hawaii.  Now anyone can wear a statement flower in their hair in the city.  But don’t expect to be a wall flower with this beauty!
Lizzie Fortunato:  This Excess and Elegance necklace reminds me of a mini Hawaiian lei and this will help to enhance this city island look.  I absolutely adore the Port of Call Clutch in Palm and this is essential to complete any NYC islander-about-town outfit.
Giulietta:  Abigail sent me a photo of this fabulous pair that she loves and I can’t help but to smile just thinking how perfect this NYC Islander style is complete with colorful sparklers on her toes.
Now, if I could get away from my little boys for a week and ask my husband for an early birthday present, I may be able to swing this trip.  Or not.  A girl can dream!
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The Illustrienne


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La Vie Bohème


This past month just flew by!  My sister, nephew and brother-in-law were in town and we had such a wonderful time!  I miss them and can’t wait for our trip to the east coast at the end of this month.  I’ve been enjoying this time off from the corporate world, but I do miss challenging my brain!  As a remedy, I’m planning on starting a little something of my own, separate from this illustration blog.  I’ll let you know more details once I have actual samples in my hand.  In the meantime, I’m enjoying my “bohemian” lifestyle now but the only thing missing are these fabulous wanderlusty dresses in my wardrobe.  From left to right, here are the designers:  Chloe, Burberry, Valentino, Tory Burch and Lanvin.  Ahhh… I can see myself twirling around the hills (like Maria) until my little boys run over and snag the fine, delicate fabrics.  C’est la vie!

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Slipping into Island Time


Finally, I’m able to imagine myself in a slip dress!  I lost most of the baby weight that I gained with my two little ones and now I’m actually looking at dresses without sleeves.  The other day, I wore a sleeveless dress to Disneyland and ended up with red shoulders as I forgot to put sunblock on my arms as I’m not used to exposing them.  I learned my lesson.  Next time, I definitely won’t forget to slather on the sunblock, when I slip into island time!

1.  Gucci Aviators:  Classic Gucci bamboo is the perfect way to top these aviators.

2.  Ferragamo Slip Dress:  Love the colors and the color blocking.  Oooh, I wish I can put this dress on now!

3.  Carolina Herrera:  Falling Jasmine necklace is the perfect way to accent a summer slip dress.  Love the smell of jasmine.

4.  Mansur Gavriel:  I may not wear pink, but I will carry a pink bag.  This chic lady bag is big enough for my goods and my little boys’ ninja turtles, legos and a ton of bribeworthy snacks for the kids.  Looks like there might be room for a water bottle!

5.  Celine:  Ballerina/ Jiffy Heel.  I know.  White shoes?  With chunky heels?  With gold hardware?  Why?  Because it’s Celine. And Phoebe Philo’s midas touch.  For those reasons, I need them.  Or at least I need to illustrate them.

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Sea Days


Summer season is upon us and these illustworthy goodies from Bazaar’s May issue will take me from seaside to poolside and to a sunset al fresco dinner.  Love this list of some delicious options for best places to eat by the sea.  I can’t wait to try every one of these restaurants one day with my hubby and our little boys.  In the meantime, I guess living in sunny Los Angeles will have to do. Here are the 6 lustworthy goodies for my long Sea Days.

1.  Oliver Peoples :: The gold and amber colors of this pair will really shine against a pink sand beach.

2.  Eres :: Love the peekaboo of the gold bands on the dark olive Alliages Tungstene bandeau bikini, especially if they peep out from the caftan.

3.  Etienne Aigner :: These sandals are luxuriously easy, chic and comfy.

4.  Lisa Eisner :: This turquoise statement necklace can easily transition from day to night.

5.  Two New York Caftan ::  These sophisticated stripes and colors are perfectly airy for the sea days and nights.

6.  Truss NYC :: Geometric and colorful, they’ll hold all my beach goodies.

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My first ever… Glossy Goodies


Long gone are the endless office hours and with it,  the dressy office clothes.  One of the reasons I miss my corporate fashion life is dressing up for work.  Ever since I left my job last year to stay home with my munchkins, I haven’t had the need to buy any “nice” clothes.  But that doesn’t stop me from shopping… in my head!  I love looking through fashion magazines and drooling over lustworthy goodies.  It’s always been a habit of mine to rip out my favorite pages and keep the “tear sheets” in a folder to look up and buy or just admire later.  But what really happens with them?  Nothing.  I rarely look through them and they usually get tossed along with my fashion dreams and wishes.  That’s why I’m going to start illustrating my magazine loves that I find lustworthy or in my case, illustworthy (wink wink).  Illustrating lustworthy goodies is what I’ve been doing ever since I started this blog, but my glossy goodies series will be based soley on the tear sheets from the issue of the month.  Drumroll please.  Here’s my first official glossy goodies from Harper’s Bazaar May 2015 issue:

1.  Dries Van Noten necklace :: Possibly the only way I’ll wear colorful tassels on my body.  And because it’s Dries Van Noten.

2.  Chloe Bag :: I need this Georgia crossbody bag because it will fit my life, my boys’ lives and still look trés chic.  My arms will be free for cuddles with my little ones.

3.  Les Copains dark rinse denim dress :: I don’t wear jeans (I’m convinced they are uncomfortable and not flattering on me) and the only denim I have in my closet is my denim jacket.  A dress is another way I’d wear denim and I love that this one has sleeves.

4.  Acqua di Parma Rosa Nobile :: What better way to remind myself of the year I spent in Tuscany and smell like a rose, the queen of flowers?

5.  Tabitha Simmons flats ::  Long walks along the Arno River in Florence during sunset with my hubby doesn’t have to hurt by wearing heels.  I’d walk confidently and maybe even skip once or twice in these striped lovelies.

A girl can dream.

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