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Slipping into Island Time


Finally, I’m able to imagine myself in a slip dress!  I lost most of the baby weight that I gained with my two little ones and now I’m actually looking at dresses without sleeves.  The other day, I wore a sleeveless dress to Disneyland and ended up with red shoulders as I forgot to put sunblock on my arms as I’m not used to exposing them.  I learned my lesson.  Next time, I definitely won’t forget to slather on the sunblock, when I slip into island time!

1.  Gucci Aviators:  Classic Gucci bamboo is the perfect way to top these aviators.

2.  Ferragamo Slip Dress:  Love the colors and the color blocking.  Oooh, I wish I can put this dress on now!

3.  Carolina Herrera:  Falling Jasmine necklace is the perfect way to accent a summer slip dress.  Love the smell of jasmine.

4.  Mansur Gavriel:  I may not wear pink, but I will carry a pink bag.  This chic lady bag is big enough for my goods and my little boys’ ninja turtles, legos and a ton of bribeworthy snacks for the kids.  Looks like there might be room for a water bottle!

5.  Celine:  Ballerina/ Jiffy Heel.  I know.  White shoes?  With chunky heels?  With gold hardware?  Why?  Because it’s Celine. And Phoebe Philo’s midas touch.  For those reasons, I need them.  Or at least I need to illustrate them.

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Sea Days


Summer season is upon us and these illustworthy goodies from Bazaar’s May issue will take me from seaside to poolside and to a sunset al fresco dinner.  Love this list of some delicious options for best places to eat by the sea.  I can’t wait to try every one of these restaurants one day with my hubby and our little boys.  In the meantime, I guess living in sunny Los Angeles will have to do. Here are the 6 lustworthy goodies for my long Sea Days.

1.  Oliver Peoples :: The gold and amber colors of this pair will really shine against a pink sand beach.

2.  Eres :: Love the peekaboo of the gold bands on the dark olive Alliages Tungstene bandeau bikini, especially if they peep out from the caftan.

3.  Etienne Aigner :: These sandals are luxuriously easy, chic and comfy.

4.  Lisa Eisner :: This turquoise statement necklace can easily transition from day to night.

5.  Two New York Caftan ::  These sophisticated stripes and colors are perfectly airy for the sea days and nights.

6.  Truss NYC :: Geometric and colorful, they’ll hold all my beach goodies.

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My first ever… Glossy Goodies


Long gone are the endless office hours and with it,  the dressy office clothes.  One of the reasons I miss my corporate fashion life is dressing up for work.  Ever since I left my job last year to stay home with my munchkins, I haven’t had the need to buy any “nice” clothes.  But that doesn’t stop me from shopping… in my head!  I love looking through fashion magazines and drooling over lustworthy goodies.  It’s always been a habit of mine to rip out my favorite pages and keep the “tear sheets” in a folder to look up and buy or just admire later.  But what really happens with them?  Nothing.  I rarely look through them and they usually get tossed along with my fashion dreams and wishes.  That’s why I’m going to start illustrating my magazine loves that I find lustworthy or in my case, illustworthy (wink wink).  Illustrating lustworthy goodies is what I’ve been doing ever since I started this blog, but my glossy goodies series will be based soley on the tear sheets from the issue of the month.  Drumroll please.  Here’s my first official glossy goodies from Harper’s Bazaar May 2015 issue:

1.  Dries Van Noten necklace :: Possibly the only way I’ll wear colorful tassels on my body.  And because it’s Dries Van Noten.

2.  Chloe Bag :: I need this Georgia crossbody bag because it will fit my life, my boys’ lives and still look trés chic.  My arms will be free for cuddles with my little ones.

3.  Les Copains dark rinse denim dress :: I don’t wear jeans (I’m convinced they are uncomfortable and not flattering on me) and the only denim I have in my closet is my denim jacket.  A dress is another way I’d wear denim and I love that this one has sleeves.

4.  Acqua di Parma Rosa Nobile :: What better way to remind myself of the year I spent in Tuscany and smell like a rose, the queen of flowers?

5.  Tabitha Simmons flats ::  Long walks along the Arno River in Florence during sunset with my hubby doesn’t have to hurt by wearing heels.  I’d walk confidently and maybe even skip once or twice in these striped lovelies.

A girl can dream.

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Easter Basket Wishes


Easter Sunday was about a month and a half ago.  I didn’t post any illustrations for the month of April because I was too busy getting decorations ready for my son’s preschool “gala.”  I’ll post the pictures of my work in the next few days.  However, I did post this on my instagram and just getting to post this on my blog now.  I never grew up celebrating Easter.  It may have something to do with my parents’ Buddhist faith or their immigrant background as well as a general lack of interest in the holiday.  As a result, I never really cared for it. That is until we had our little boys.  I have to admit, besides decorating eggs, I’m still not a big fan of Easter. Thank goodness for my mother in law and her love of setting up egg hunts in their back yard!  Oh such joy in my boys’ eyes as they tore through their Easter baskets!  I think I’d have done the same if I had some of these goodies in my  Easter Basket: Chanel No. 5, Dior Earrings, Rouge Coco, Celine Bag, Balenciaga Sandals and a Valentino Dress.


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Chanel Wishes and Coco Dreams


One of my favorite shows growing up in the 80’s was Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.  The show was the epitome of 80’s debauchery, but oh so much fun to watch!  The best part of the show was the theme song and the tag line, “Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams.”  Now as an adult, I have Chanel Wishes and Coco Dreams.  I saw this picture on British Vogue’s Instagram feed of the Rouge Coco lipsticks that launched on my lucky day,  Friday, the 13th!  I’m wishing for a drawer filled with Chanel lipsticks for my choosing. This piece will hang in my bathroom, so every morning I can dream of Coco lipsticks and wish for all Chanel goodies.  A girl can dream!