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Well hello there.


Look out for GREETING CARDS with Side Eyes and #RBFs to send to your BFFs. wink wink.

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Wow Wow Wowza!

So honored and excited to be featured as one of six up and coming fashion illustrators to follow on IG!

Thank you so much!

Found out a week ago, but every time I read this article I want to dance and cry it out! I’m just really emotional like that.

This illustration was inspired by one of my favorite emojis. I’m twinning with my sister in Valentino because that’s what we used to do when we were younger. Even though my sister is two years younger than me, we’d make sure to coordinate and wear matching polka dot outfits in elementary school. We looked freaking adorable! Not sure why we got teased by the mean older girls on our walk back home from school. That never stopped us from twinning! Made us love fashion that much more!

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Social Media Universe


Hi there. I haven’t been as active on my site as I’d originally planned. So starting tonight, I’m going to try to post at least once a week. I’ve been too busy posting nearly every day on my Instagram account. And by the way, I LOVE Instagram! Thank you to all my supporters! From the bottom of my heart – every follow, like and comment means the world to me! I didn’t realize how exposed or insecure I’d feel every time I post an illustration out into the social media universe. I wasn’t sure if people would like my illustrations or even take the time to leave a comment or even start to follow my work. I’m always blown away by the response because I just didn’t expect it. I’m truly grateful by all the love and encouragement as that emboldens me to continue to pursue my dreams.

Social media and a very supportive husband are helping me achieve my goals and dreams. The only drawback to social media is the maintenance for each account. I opened my first FB account last year. I know. I may be one of the last few on earth to finally open an account. The only reason why it took me so long is because I know my very obsessive personality very well and I just wasn’t ready to get hooked on FB. But here I am today deep in the social media hemisphere.

As much as I love being in the social media universe, it’s never a good sign when my 3 year old hands me the phone every morning. Ugh. I’m so embarrassed to write that my little boys knew how much I used to be on the phone. I’d always tell myself that this was my work now and I absolutely needed to be on the phone for my new career. True. But not all the time. Especially when my little ones were around! So I’ve been testing my new plan to not go online while I’m with my children. I usually post right before I’m with the kids, which means that I post and I turn off the phone. So I apologize to my supporters that leave the sweetest and most encouraging comments on my IG account if I don’t respond for days or even a week. I’m trying to be a good example to my children. Oh parenthood. Anyway, thank you again for your support! Eeks! Can’t stop thanking!

Here’s an illustration inspired by one of my favorite emojis. This one is wearing Valentino. I wish I illustrated her hair in a bun with flowers. Love how this emoji expresses celebration! It’s definitely one of my faves and the next red dress dancer is definitely getting flowers in her hair. I dedicated this emoji to my mom for her birthday but I think she may have just liked the illustration and didn’t read the caption! As my little one says, “oh boy!”




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Golden Illustrious Icons

I’m trying something new with the illustrious icons.  These woman crush wednesday illustrations are done in pencil and then I highlight around the face with a cluster of metallic gold hearts or stars. It’s quite meditative when I’m drawing the hearts or stars and it can be quite soothing. During this “golden zen” part of the illustration, I can reflect on their courageous hearts and how they make me want to be a better human being. These pencil drawings are a nice break from the markers and it actually breaks up my IG feed a bit with a calming dash of gold.  Poorna Malavath, Lizzie Velasquez and Grace Lee Boggs are my golden illustrious icons.

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Karen, the illustrienne


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Illustrious Icons

Can’t believe I haven’t posted here in two months! I have a really good reason and evidence. If you’ve been following me on IG, then you know why. Check out my Instagram feed for my daily illustrations. Right after Viola Davis won the Emmy, I pulled out my Chartpak AD markers that I stored away for 15 years. I haven’t used them since my fashion school days and shockingly the markers still work like a charm. I was compelled to use them to illustrate Viola instead of gouache. Ét voila! I was pleased with the result, so I kept going. I definitely illustrate faster with the markers which helps if I’m going to be illustrating at least one sketch a day. So began my love affair with my fashion school markers. The only setback are the fumes but keeping the windows open for ventilation definitely helps. In order to bring structure to my illustrating schedule, I’ve created themes for each day. A few examples would be Meow Meow Monday, Tuesday Crew Day, Woman Crush Wednesday, Thursday Do Good Day, Fleur Day Friday, Saturday Scribble Day and Sunday Swoon Day. They change each week except for Woman Crush Wednesday and Thursday Do Good Day. I’m constantly inspired by the news and those designated days are when I illustrate them into a fashion sketch or icons. Viola Davis and Malala Yousafzai are definitely illustrious icons.

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Karen, the illustrienne