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I love everything about Diptyque candles.  Every time I just glance at the candle I’m transported to Paris.  I recycle the glass candle jars to store my lipsticks, makeup brushes and eyeliners.  What I really want to do is fill one of the glass jars with Rouge Double Intensite by Chanel in all of my favorite shades.  I own the sensual rose shade and the other night, I demonstrated to my friends the application of the color and the top coating of the high gloss.  One of my friends said she couldn’t take her eyes of my lips because of the high shine and another said she wanted to buy the lipstick after my little demo. I’m quite the sales lady.

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Kitty McQueen


Carved pumpkins never seem to last for us.  I’m not sure what we’re doing wrong. They get moldy and hairy so quickly that we have to throw them out the next day.  Maybe next year we’ll follow these instructions.  And if I end up deciding not to carve, I’m going to paint myself a cat.  The inspiration came from this black cat and by Alexander McQueen Spring 15 look # 2.  I’ll spray the tip of the pumpkin with gold and my little Kitty McQueen will be ready for her Halloween debut.