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Chef Me

Family Style

I hope when Max is older he’ll like to cook. He recently declared during dinner, “I want to be the chef!”  He then proceeded to get up from the table, open the fridge door and announce that he was going to make us dinner.  Maybe he just didn’t like what I made.  Hmm.  I never thought of it that way until just right now.  Anyhoo, I wasn’t sure how he would react if I bought him this apron and glove set by Odette Williams.  But when he saw this illustration, Max happily declared, “Chef Me!”  I think the set would be a wise investment for our family.

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My Boys

Family Style

This is my family.  My husband, Theo and I are proud parents of Maxwell, 4 years old and Dashiell (pronounced dashul, adding this bit only because many people asked me how to pronounce his name), 21 months old.  Theo and I met 12 years ago in a bar in NYC. My best friend who was visiting said she’d never seen me laugh harder. To this day, Theo still keeps me slapping my knees. Despite that, I wanted a serious family portrait because I thought it would work better with me holding the Fendi Black Medium Peek A Boo Tote with the monster eyes.  Max is wearing this fierce Munster jacket and Dashiell is wearing a beanie ear mask that he would never let us put on him.  But it’s on him now because I’m the illustrienne.