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When you wish upon a star

Family Style

After a Super Bowl win, a reporter always asks a winning football player what he’s going to do now.  The winner happily declares, “I’m going to Disneyland!”  That’s my reply when people ask me what I’m going to do for my birthday.  Except, I want to go to Disneyland every week.  In fact, I took our boys to the happiest place on earth three times in one week during the summer, thanks to our handy annual passes.  Recently, my brother-in-law, Chris, sent me this article in the NY times and I felt comforted by the fact that I’m not alone for my love, or some would say obsession for Disneyland.  This month, there are two birthdays in my family that I’d love to celebrate at Disneyland.  Unfortunately, they’re far away in the east coast.  My sister’s birthday is today!  (Happy Birthday Kris!)  And my nephew’s birthday was this past Saturday.  (Happy Belated Thompson!)  So in honor of their birthdays, I illustrated a family portrait of them in Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears.  I drew Kris in a Stella McCartney top with a ruffled collar and gold polka dots.  Chris is in an Alexander McQueen cardigan with breton inspired stripes and cutie pie Thompson in an Egg striped long sleeve tee.  I think they’re ready for a dandy day at D-Land!  Also, is anyone else moved to tears when they watch this sing along of When You Wish Upon A Star besides me?  Anyway, I’m wishing upon a star tonight that my sister and her family have a beautiful day today in NYC.

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My Boys

Family Style

This is my family.  My husband, Theo and I are proud parents of Maxwell, 4 years old and Dashiell (pronounced dashul, adding this bit only because many people asked me how to pronounce his name), 21 months old.  Theo and I met 12 years ago in a bar in NYC. My best friend who was visiting said she’d never seen me laugh harder. To this day, Theo still keeps me slapping my knees. Despite that, I wanted a serious family portrait because I thought it would work better with me holding the Fendi Black Medium Peek A Boo Tote with the monster eyes.  Max is wearing this fierce Munster jacket and Dashiell is wearing a beanie ear mask that he would never let us put on him.  But it’s on him now because I’m the illustrienne.