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The Dark Side Series continues… Darth Mauma VS Dust Bunnies


Max recently asked us if dust bunnies are real.  He watched animated dust bunnies come to life in an episode of Sesame Street.  I think that might’ve freaked him out a bit, considering he’s aware of his dust allergy.  When I sense fear in my children, my maternal instincts are on high alert.  I become Mama Bear or more like Darth Mauma.  I’d attack the dust bunnies like an animal with my light saber or maybe more like a hand held Dyson vacuum.  Anyway, I started to draw the dust bunnies in rabbit shapes, but I stopped short because I started feeling weird about fighting “bunnies.”  Instead, I focused on my outfit.  I ‘d wear another one of Nicolas Ghesquière’s creation for Louis Vuitton SS 15 Look 30.  In this LV LBD, I’d have more confidence than ever as I seek to destroy those pesky little dust bunnies.  Never fear, my son.  Never fear. Darth Mauma is here.

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Darth Maum


Why do I feel as though I’m constantly doing the dishes?  Why are the dishes perpetually stacked so high? Why can’t the dishes just wash themselves!  When I see dirty dishes, my dark side comes out and it’s not a pretty sight.  But if I were to fight the dishes with the force from the dark side, I would love to wear a Little Black Dress from Louis Vuitton SS 15 Look 25.  I’d be so fierce and fast in this LV LBD that there would be no time for me to complain.  How could I when I’m too busy slaying the dishes with the utmost focus and concentration?  And looking quite fabulous in the black cape, if I may say so myself.  My little boys will admire me, join the dark side and call me *Darth Maum, instead of Darth Maul.

*My hubby gets the credit for Darth Maum.  He’s a clever one indeed!


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Alone Time


Theo and I love the movie, This is 40.  Every time the movie is on TV, we chuckle and smile at each other with knowing looks.  In the movie there’s a scene where the husband spends an obscene amount of time on the toilet with an ipad.  We laughed hilariously, as this is exactly what Theo and I do when we need our alone time.  With two little ones that demand our attention constantly, we’ve realized that our only moment of solitude is on the toilet.  I would love my alone time to be in this Valentino dress.  Maybe if I have this dress on while on the toilet, I could charm my hubby and he’d grant me a few more minutes to check my emails.