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Derby Dreams

Bon Voyage

If I ever have the opportunity to go to the Kentucky Derby, the only way I can imagine experiencing the Derby is through Inspirato. Why? Because every aspect of the festive event will be curated by their team of experts. But the part that makes me want to add this Inspirato experience to my bucket list? I’d receive a custom hat designed by CFDA member, Gigi Burris! My husband won’t feel left out because he’d receive a custom bow tie by CFDA member Timo Weiland and Richard Tao. I’m imagining a colorful and crisp, Southern prep style bow tie for my hubby. For myself, I’m envisioning a hat that is feminine, fabulous and extravagant. And why not? It’s the Derby! Sounds like a dream to have the whole experience planned out for us by an insightful team of insiders, but oh so perfect to walk away with beautiful hats and bow ties as mementos. These are illustrations of the lucky ladies in their custom designed hats and some of the custom bow ties. Both men and women were sent forms to fill out and choose from different prints and color options. Gigi Burris then sent illustrations of two hat design options for the ladies to confirm. The reveal of the hats and bow ties was on May 5th during the welcome party. Let the mint julep flow! Now do you see why Inspirato’s Kentucky Derby experience is definitely on my bucket list?
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NYFW Dreams

Bon Voyage

When I worked as a fashion designer in NYC, I never got to attend any of the fashion shows.  That statement may seem odd to some people and it feels awfully strange to write that.  But the reality of the fashion industry is deadlines, deadlines and more deadlines.  When I worked at Ralph Lauren, the possibility of even going to the fashion show to help dress a model was between slim and none.  Dressing models doesn’t sound glamorous but it’s better than sitting at my desk browsing through the runway photos on  Now I’m back in my native Los Angeles, eagerly waiting to see the Spring 2016 season by my favorite designers at New York Fashion Week (known as NYFW for those in the industry).  And once again, I’ll be viewing the shows from my laptop.  Woe is me.

That is until my friend introduced me to TRINE, an experience boutique agency.  They curate memorable experiences around the world in the areas of art, fashion, sports and entertainment for special events and all one has to do is just show up for their luxury package.  Sounds like a lustworthy experience to me!  Once I was introduced to Abigail, TRINE’s Director of Marketing, I knew I could totally trust her for all fashion insider needs.  Abigail and her team of experts would ensure the best possible schedule in NYC.  From backstage access complete with designer meet & greets, to private shopping experiences at top designers showrooms and private homes.  TRINE’s NYFW itinerary for their clients is more than lustworthy, its on my bucket list now!

After Abigail and I discussed the access TRINE would be providing for their clients, I knew I had to capture this NYC experience in an illustration complete with NYC landmarks and icons.  I’ve handpicked illustworthy goodies from the various designers they are working with and captured it all on the runway. My favorite part of this illustration was being inspired by Lie Sang Bong’s butterfly runway background. With his Spring 15 collection, he wanted to “share the positivity that is brought on by the beginning of spring and the promise of a new day.”  I was definitely feeling the energy and the promise of a new day in NYC as I painted circles with colors inspired by his background.  I can’t wait to see his Spring 2016 collection along with what he has in store for the walls of his runway.  In the illustration, Abigail is NYFW’s social butterfly and Tommy Ton, the iconic street style photographer is ready to take a picture of her!

Misha Nonoo:  This Little Black Monique Ribbon Dress is perfect for any island.  Manhattan or Hawaiian.  It’s Island Time in the City!
Gigi Burris:  I’m in love with this Grand Peony Comb and reminds me of how I used to love flowers in my hair when I lived in Hawaii.  Now anyone can wear a statement flower in their hair in the city.  But don’t expect to be a wall flower with this beauty!
Lizzie Fortunato:  This Excess and Elegance necklace reminds me of a mini Hawaiian lei and this will help to enhance this city island look.  I absolutely adore the Port of Call Clutch in Palm and this is essential to complete any NYC islander-about-town outfit.
Giulietta:  Abigail sent me a photo of this fabulous pair that she loves and I can’t help but to smile just thinking how perfect this NYC Islander style is complete with colorful sparklers on her toes.
Now, if I could get away from my little boys for a week and ask my husband for an early birthday present, I may be able to swing this trip.  Or not.  A girl can dream!
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The Illustrienne


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Ooh La La!

Bon Voyage

Theo proposed to me the night before we flew out to Paris and so our vacation ended up being a celebratory trip.  I stared at my engagement ring the entire plane ride.  The trip was a dream and when I saw this book, Paris En Pyjamarama by Michaël Leblond & Frédérique Bertrand, I connected with the idea of being in Paris in pajamas. Not because I want to roam the streets of Paris in my over-sized t-shirt and sweats but because I felt as though Theo and I were in a dream flying over the Paris sky.  The image of the little boy with a cape flying next to the Eiffel Tower inspired my illustration.  And if I do fly around Paris in my pajamas, I would like to wear this lovely heart printed Equipment PJ set and these yummy Suno socks.  When I’m with Theo, I only see hearts and this is how I remember the Eiffel Tower sparkling nine years ago.

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Vive la France!

Bon Voyage

I first saw the Hotel Plaza Athénée Paris during the last episodes of Sex and The City when Carrie Bradshaw made her brief departure from New York. I thought it might be fun to stay there because Dashiell would love their signature red teddy bears.  And of course, we would also have to teach our boys how to say, “Vive la France!’