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How to Keep Calm?


How am I supposed to keep calm for this totally lustworthy or more like ILLUST-worthy (wink wink) key fob by Anya Hindmarch!  I love this character key fob for so many reasons but my favorite aspect is the zipper mouth with the pull that looks like a tongue.  Do you ever regret what comes out of your mouth? Especially when feeling irritable or stressed?  For me, there’s one week a month where all hell breaks loose. I’m so lucky to have such an understanding hubby!  (I love you honey!)  I may have to frame this illustration and hang it up so it’s a constant reminder for me to Keep Calm and Zip it!  Or would wearing the cross-body bag with the key fob be a better reminder?  Uh… yes.  This bag is luxury with a purpose!

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Lego Love


This past week, Max (4), Dashiell (22 months) and my nephew Thompson (4) have been obsessed with all things Lego.  It’s been a fun-filled week but extremely stressful when Dashiell’s chubby little hands can’t put the hair back on Emmet, Max can’t find his Red Ninjago or Thompson wants the Golden Ninjago.  Tears have been shed, hair pulled and bodies pushed.  Plus, I’m not sure how many more times I can listen to “Everything is Awesome,” in the car.  These tiny legos are probably too advanced for our little ones, but they insist on playing with them and it’s put me on an emotion roller coaster.  But Alas!  I found my own lego heaven in this eye bag that caught my eye on Eva Chen’s instagram feed.  My three little musketeers probably wouldn’t appreciate the design, quality and craftsmanship of this Alex Black Widow “LOVE” Bag as much as I would, but I knew this bag had to be the one to illustrate.  Now that I’m embedded in Lego Universe, these three boys have been looking like lego characters themselves!  And for their lego character debut I’d dress them in the cutest comfy/dressy clothes for boys from Bang Bang Copenhagen.  For their bright orange shoes: would Adidas x Raf Simons ‘Stan Smith’ collaboration for little boys’ sneakers be available one day?  No need to wait, when I can illustrate them now! Despite all the fighting between these little ones, I know that between them there is enough love to last a lifetime.  Or at least until next week… eeks!

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Happy Feet


My little boys love robots and I love Celine.  I think they’ll appreciate these boots but more importantly, I’ll have happy feet.  I’m also lusting after this belt bag because it’s chic and big enough to fit Dashiell’s Boo bear, an Aden and Anais lovey, snacks, extra clothes and plenty of diapers.  Oh, and I want the coat as well.  I basically want to be in this ad. Is that too much to ask?