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Golden Illustrious Icons

I’m trying something new with the illustrious icons.  These woman crush wednesday illustrations are done in pencil and then I highlight around the face with a cluster of metallic gold hearts or stars. It’s quite meditative when I’m drawing the hearts or stars and it can be quite soothing. During this “golden zen” part of the illustration, I can reflect on their courageous hearts and how they make me want to be a better human being. These pencil drawings are a nice break from the markers and it actually breaks up my IG feed a bit with a calming dash of gold.  Poorna Malavath, Lizzie Velasquez and Grace Lee Boggs are my golden illustrious icons.

Follow me on Instagram for daily illustrations (before they’re posted in detail on the blog), Tumblr for works in progress and Facebook for updates if you’re not on Instagram or Tumblr.  Merci! xox

Karen, the illustrienne



  • Kristen said

    Love all of your illustrations - they inspire me everyday!

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