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Goldie Goodies


I was inspired by Garance Dore’s French It Girl Style in an army-inspired workwear.  She’s always très chic.  And so in my luxury dreamland, the following are the goodies that I would love to wear with an army green jumpsuit and here are my illustworthy reasons  ::

Saint Laurent Sandal Platforms // The pretty double knots with a rock star edge thanks to the metal studs.

Chloe Mini Embossed Shoulder Bag // The oversized graphic gold buttons.

Louis Vuitton Necklace // The popsicle shades.  Yummy!  (Spotted the necklace in Harper’s Bazaar but can’t seem to find it on the LV site.  But the link of the Earrings in Orange is similar to the necklace.)

**This is a continuation of my gold on packing paper series.  I just feel better knowing that I’m reusing the paper and not just tossing it away.  Doing my part!

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