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Chanel Wishes and Coco Dreams


One of my favorite shows growing up in the 80’s was Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.  The show was the epitome of 80’s debauchery, but oh so much fun to watch!  The best part of the show was the theme song and the tag line, “Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams.”  Now as an adult, I have Chanel Wishes and Coco Dreams.  I saw this picture on British Vogue’s Instagram feed of the Rouge Coco lipsticks that launched on my lucky day,  Friday, the 13th!  I’m wishing for a drawer filled with Chanel lipsticks for my choosing. This piece will hang in my bathroom, so every morning I can dream of Coco lipsticks and wish for all Chanel goodies.  A girl can dream!

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Goldie Goodies


I was inspired by Garance Dore’s French It Girl Style in an army-inspired workwear.  She’s always très chic.  And so in my luxury dreamland, the following are the goodies that I would love to wear with an army green jumpsuit and here are my illustworthy reasons  ::

Saint Laurent Sandal Platforms // The pretty double knots with a rock star edge thanks to the metal studs.

Chloe Mini Embossed Shoulder Bag // The oversized graphic gold buttons.

Louis Vuitton Necklace // The popsicle shades.  Yummy!  (Spotted the necklace in Harper’s Bazaar but can’t seem to find it on the LV site.  But the link of the Earrings in Orange is similar to the necklace.)

**This is a continuation of my gold on packing paper series.  I just feel better knowing that I’m reusing the paper and not just tossing it away.  Doing my part!

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Gucci on Packing Paper


We ordered an air filter the other day from Amazon and I just couldn’t get myself to throw away the packing paper.  Instead I’ve been drawing and painting on it with gold paint and I really like the results.  To see more of the gold on packing paper series, please check out my daily works in progress on my tumblr site, The Daily Illustrienne and instagram feed.  I started an astrology series and I’m starting with Aries, as it is the first sign in the zodiac.  Aries are fearless, youthful and bold!  My best friend is an Aries, and I love her high energy and uplifting spirit.  This Gucci coat is only for the bold, and my Aries friends can easily pull this look off!