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Flower Swoon

Family Style

This is my first bridal portrait of my sister on her Valentine’s Wedding Day back in 2009 at the Hotel Bel Air.  The ceremony was touching and beautiful and the reception was glamourous.  This illustration started out as a mistake when the paper started to rip on her cheek because I was trying so hard to make the blush look natural.  I recovered quickly and was inspired by Barney Saltzberg’s Beautiful Oops!.  I made the oops into a BEAUTIFUL OOPS!  I think I got a little too excited with the Liquid Gems from Liquitex or widely known as puffy paint.  But I love the texture and the sparkle these lovely little bottles provide!  Now who loves a little sparkle?  Or a lot?  I prefer a lot!

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A Dreamy Stars and Hearts Date


My hubby and I rarely go out for romantic date nights in the City of Angels.  (Wasn’t that video of Los Angeles by Chris Pritchard so beautiful, especially at night?)  We usually meet up with our friends for fun double dates or stay in for movie nights complimented by my running commentary that my hubby just adores.  Not.  (Yup, that’s us in that clip of The Weird Things Couples Do On Movie Night.)  That’s why I’m so excited about our Valentine’s Date Night next Saturday!  I have my whole outfit planned out in my Illustrienne Dress Up World!  Drum roll please….  Here are the illustworthy items:

1.  There’s no better way to say I love you than wearing hearts on your sleeves and dress.  And this beautifully embellished lace Dolce and Gabbana Dress is fun, feminine and whimsical.  I especially like that my arms are covered up (I’m weird about my arms right now) but I’m able to show off my legs.

2.  I saw these earrings on net-a-porter and immediately fell in love with the fantastical element of Lydia Courteille’s creation. But when I found them listed on Vogue Paris online as “Virgo white gold, diamond, sapphire and moonstone earrings,” I knew it was written in the stars for me to illustrate them.  Being a Virgo with a former astronomy obsession, I love spotting little Virgo images in unexpected places.

3.  I’m lusting after Alexander McQueen De-Manta Heart Print Clutch for a pop of color and of course to complete my Stars and Hearts date night look!

4.  Definitely want to stay comfy and don’t want to hobble by my hubby’s side in fancy heels I can’t walk in!  I opted for these illustworthy, perfectly bead embellished Balenciaga Cut-Out Flats.  My hubby loves me in flats and I know why.  I’m more confident in flats.  I feel secure in knowing that I’m not going to topple over, and I can walk faster in flats with perfect posture.  And I’m in such a better mood because my feet are not in excruciating pain (unless I wear my Clergerie platforms).

5.  Now to complete my look with the prettiest shade of pink is Chanel Rouge Allure #93, Exaltée.  Such a feminine, fresh color!  And I just love their packaging and always enjoy illustrating their goodies.

My hair won’t look that voluminous on date night but this is my illustrienne world and a girl can imagine.

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How to Keep Calm?


How am I supposed to keep calm for this totally lustworthy or more like ILLUST-worthy (wink wink) key fob by Anya Hindmarch!  I love this character key fob for so many reasons but my favorite aspect is the zipper mouth with the pull that looks like a tongue.  Do you ever regret what comes out of your mouth? Especially when feeling irritable or stressed?  For me, there’s one week a month where all hell breaks loose. I’m so lucky to have such an understanding hubby!  (I love you honey!)  I may have to frame this illustration and hang it up so it’s a constant reminder for me to Keep Calm and Zip it!  Or would wearing the cross-body bag with the key fob be a better reminder?  Uh… yes.  This bag is luxury with a purpose!

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