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Fancy Pants


We wanted to watch the Golden Globes live, so we let Max watch the awards show with us.  We explained to him women and men will dress fancy.  As soon as Tina Fey and Amy Poehler walked onto the stage, Max turned to us and asked, “Is that a fancy?”  I knew I had to illustrate the “Fancies.”  They looked beautiful in all their ensembles.  However, what I lust after are not so much their outfits, but their biting wit, humor, timing and the confidence that they exude on stage.  They are not only Bossypants but Fancy Pants as well.

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No. / 19

The Crows


I took Dashiell to the park the other day and there were so many crows hanging out by the picnic tables that I purposely avoided going to that area.  However, Dashiell was so excited to play with them that he ran over screaming at the top of his lungs.  I was screaming as well.  But not because I was excited but because I was frightened.  I imagined the crows attacking us just like they did in Hitchcock’s The Birds.  So when I spotted this Givenchy S/S 15 Look 47 on, I was reminded of that dark day at the park.  Crows are terrifyingly smart according to this article.  Instead of being fearful of the crows, I’d rather have them on my side and fly around me all the time.  Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer.  That way, I’d have constant voluminous, windswept hair and Dashiell will never be bored.  As appealing as that sounds, I doubt it would ever happen.  But anything is possible in my illustrienne world!

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