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Twinkle, Twinkle Ninja Stars


My little boys love Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and all the itsy-bitsy toy weapons that accompany them.   The ninja stars are the smallest and once they go missing, it becomes quite the search and rescue operation. Once they’re recovered, a sense of relief overtakes me as I know we’ve avoided yet another potential meltdown.  At night, one of the ways I unwind from their daily tantrums is to drool over Valentino runway looks on  I was inspired by this ethereal and Botticelli-esque, starfish Valentino dress from their Spring 15 runway presentation.  And I illustrated myself with extra long hair that’s getting a much needed trim by spinning ninja stars.  I finished the look with this celestial Valentino Virgo Necklace.  Once the day is done,  I’m at ease surrounded by the twinkling LA stars, sparkling starfish and twirling ninja stars.


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Lego Love


This past week, Max (4), Dashiell (22 months) and my nephew Thompson (4) have been obsessed with all things Lego.  It’s been a fun-filled week but extremely stressful when Dashiell’s chubby little hands can’t put the hair back on Emmet, Max can’t find his Red Ninjago or Thompson wants the Golden Ninjago.  Tears have been shed, hair pulled and bodies pushed.  Plus, I’m not sure how many more times I can listen to “Everything is Awesome,” in the car.  These tiny legos are probably too advanced for our little ones, but they insist on playing with them and it’s put me on an emotion roller coaster.  But Alas!  I found my own lego heaven in this eye bag that caught my eye on Eva Chen’s instagram feed.  My three little musketeers probably wouldn’t appreciate the design, quality and craftsmanship of this Alex Black Widow “LOVE” Bag as much as I would, but I knew this bag had to be the one to illustrate.  Now that I’m embedded in Lego Universe, these three boys have been looking like lego characters themselves!  And for their lego character debut I’d dress them in the cutest comfy/dressy clothes for boys from Bang Bang Copenhagen.  For their bright orange shoes: would Adidas x Raf Simons ‘Stan Smith’ collaboration for little boys’ sneakers be available one day?  No need to wait, when I can illustrate them now! Despite all the fighting between these little ones, I know that between them there is enough love to last a lifetime.  Or at least until next week… eeks!

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Step Stool Platforms


Have you wished you were a bit or a lot taller?  I have.  Just one inch added to my legs and I’d be so happy. But wearing heels hurt too much ever since I had my two little boys.  I never believed the stories of how a mother’s feet would grow a size after each pregnancy.  Until, it happened to me.  I now affectionately call my feet – Shrek feet.  I don’t want to squeeze my Shrek feet into heels anymore.  I bought my first pair of Robert Clergerie platform wedges 3.5 years ago and I became obsessed.  I own several pairs as I view them as my health/wellness and art investments.  I’m  much happier and more focused when I have happy feet.  I don’t enjoy limping around and hanging onto Theo’s arms for support.  I also don’t like taking off my shoes on the dance floor.  I also view the shoes as wearable sculptures (well, it makes me feel better about the purchases).  In the past, I found them on sale at Barney’s and here’s another pair that I would love to own. Except, I don’t have an office to go to and show them off to my colleagues.  Instead I illustrated the platform wedge on a step stool.  The 4.5″ heel height allows me to grab the usual out-of-reach objects.  But more importantly, they act as a step stool when I sit down at a movie theater for date nights.  No more dangling feet means no more numb feet!  Definitely worth the investment.



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When you wish upon a star

Family Style

After a Super Bowl win, a reporter always asks a winning football player what he’s going to do now.  The winner happily declares, “I’m going to Disneyland!”  That’s my reply when people ask me what I’m going to do for my birthday.  Except, I want to go to Disneyland every week.  In fact, I took our boys to the happiest place on earth three times in one week during the summer, thanks to our handy annual passes.  Recently, my brother-in-law, Chris, sent me this article in the NY times and I felt comforted by the fact that I’m not alone for my love, or some would say obsession for Disneyland.  This month, there are two birthdays in my family that I’d love to celebrate at Disneyland.  Unfortunately, they’re far away in the east coast.  My sister’s birthday is today!  (Happy Birthday Kris!)  And my nephew’s birthday was this past Saturday.  (Happy Belated Thompson!)  So in honor of their birthdays, I illustrated a family portrait of them in Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears.  I drew Kris in a Stella McCartney top with a ruffled collar and gold polka dots.  Chris is in an Alexander McQueen cardigan with breton inspired stripes and cutie pie Thompson in an Egg striped long sleeve tee.  I think they’re ready for a dandy day at D-Land!  Also, is anyone else moved to tears when they watch this sing along of When You Wish Upon A Star besides me?  Anyway, I’m wishing upon a star tonight that my sister and her family have a beautiful day today in NYC.

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The Imperial March


I’m in love with this Louis Vuitton SS 15 Look 47 LBD dress because of the long sleeves.  The sleeves would cover my arms and make them look long, slim and toned.  Never underestimate the power of beautifully textured long sleeves.  I would blast The Imperial March theme as I use my dark force to clean up the scattered toys.  Then I would march over to my closet and use the force to reorganize and purge all the clothes that I haven’t worn in over a year.  While marching, I’d use the force to blow out my hair so it would look fabulously voluminous.  Then I’d continue marching all the way to Barney’s NY, because they’re having a sale and I’d need some retail therapy to recover from all that “forcing.”