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Vive la France!

Bon Voyage

I first saw the Hotel Plaza Athénée Paris during the last episodes of Sex and The City when Carrie Bradshaw made her brief departure from New York. I thought it might be fun to stay there because Dashiell would love their signature red teddy bears.  And of course, we would also have to teach our boys how to say, “Vive la France!’

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I’m the first to admit that I’m a lazy cook.  I’m always looking for a shortcut to whatever I do in the kitchen.  I will usually make a dish that has the easiest and fastest recipe.  So when I saw these little concoctions, I thought I could handle them with ease on Halloween:

1. marshy fangs  (need to replace the peanut butter with nutella, due to Dashiell’s possible peanut allergy)

2. mini mummies (criss cross inspired by Balenciaga look #18 from Spring 2015

3. witch fingers  (why stick with just red when bell peppers come in other vibrant colors?)

Unfortunately, I got lazy and just stuck with the witch fingers. The marshy fangs and mini mummies will have to wait for another day. Boo.

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Kitty McQueen


Carved pumpkins never seem to last for us.  I’m not sure what we’re doing wrong. They get moldy and hairy so quickly that we have to throw them out the next day.  Maybe next year we’ll follow these instructions.  And if I end up deciding not to carve, I’m going to paint myself a cat.  The inspiration came from this black cat and by Alexander McQueen Spring 15 look # 2.  I’ll spray the tip of the pumpkin with gold and my little Kitty McQueen will be ready for her Halloween debut.

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Alone Time


Theo and I love the movie, This is 40.  Every time the movie is on TV, we chuckle and smile at each other with knowing looks.  In the movie there’s a scene where the husband spends an obscene amount of time on the toilet with an ipad.  We laughed hilariously, as this is exactly what Theo and I do when we need our alone time.  With two little ones that demand our attention constantly, we’ve realized that our only moment of solitude is on the toilet.  I would love my alone time to be in this Valentino dress.  Maybe if I have this dress on while on the toilet, I could charm my hubby and he’d grant me a few more minutes to check my emails.

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My Boys

Family Style

This is my family.  My husband, Theo and I are proud parents of Maxwell, 4 years old and Dashiell (pronounced dashul, adding this bit only because many people asked me how to pronounce his name), 21 months old.  Theo and I met 12 years ago in a bar in NYC. My best friend who was visiting said she’d never seen me laugh harder. To this day, Theo still keeps me slapping my knees. Despite that, I wanted a serious family portrait because I thought it would work better with me holding the Fendi Black Medium Peek A Boo Tote with the monster eyes.  Max is wearing this fierce Munster jacket and Dashiell is wearing a beanie ear mask that he would never let us put on him.  But it’s on him now because I’m the illustrienne.