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My Boys

Family Style

This is my family.  My husband, Theo and I are proud parents of Maxwell, 4 years old and Dashiell (pronounced dashul, adding this bit only because many people asked me how to pronounce his name), 21 months old.  Theo and I met 12 years ago in a bar in NYC. My best friend who was visiting said she’d never seen me laugh harder. To this day, Theo still keeps me slapping my knees. Despite that, I wanted a serious family portrait because I thought it would work better with me holding the Fendi Black Medium Peek A Boo Tote with the monster eyes.  Max is wearing this fierce Munster jacket and Dashiell is wearing a beanie ear mask that he would never let us put on him.  But it’s on him now because I’m the illustrienne.


  • Michelle Malia said

    • Karen said

      Michelle! Merci for your sweet words!! xox
  • Arvy Sadiq said

    Wow!..Im an art fanatic too! love love your work! Very inspiring x
    • Karen said

      Thank you so much for the love!! xox

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